Back Issues

Back Issues

If you have not found the stud or mare of your interest
on the current edition, in this section you can see
the list of all the horses that have been published
in the past issues of our Registers.
Find the name of the one you are interested in, add to your cart
the number of Stud or Mare cards you need,
fill in the data in the checkout form and don’t forget
to write the name of the Stallions/Mares you need
in the “Stallion’s or Mare’s name” field. In a few days, you will
receive by e-mail their complete card, perfectly updated to date.


A Kid For Sure
Ab Captain Badger
Ac Master My King
Acres Of Time
Alv Doc Lynx
An Awesome Reward
An Awesome Secret
Ans Mokie Cat
Ans Wyatt Pep
Arc Antares Surprise
Arc Blueyed Redskin
Arc Desert Storm
Arc Doc Red Oak
Arc Genuine Goldlynx
Arc Gunna Sparkia
Arc Little Redskin
Arc Magic Enterprise
Arc Mister Playboy
Arc Oak Enterprise
Arc Play Whit Prises
Arc Sparkle Magnetic
Arc Surprising Smart 
Arc Tora Tora
Arc Whiz Kid
Arc Whiz Kid  
As Peppy Super Star
At Alewood
Avalon Lena
Awe Sum Money
Bad To The Badge
Baldy Starlight
Baldy Starlight 
Bar S Docs Space
Bars Jackson Bo
Bars Jacson Bo
Bars Jacson Bo  
Be A Smart Hunter
Best Spook
Big Chex To Cash
Billy All Dun
Bingo Starlight
Blazing Hot
Boemil Twin Robotop
Boemil Twin Topleus
Boggies Royal Gem
Briga Money
Brown Spot Glitter
Brown Spott Glitter
Brown Spott Glitter  
Brown Spott Glittter 
Bud In A Bottle
Buenonic Chex
Call Me Mr Voodoo 
Cash Enterprise
Cavalli a Roma
Cds Smart Trouble
Chic Dreamin
Chic N Roost
Chic Olena Partee
Chic Please
Cody Gio Phoebes
Coeur D Lenas Bar
Colonel’s Shining Gun
Colonels Shining Gun
Comets Tru Quest
Conquistador Dun It
Corkey Footwork
Cow Master
Cpr Valentine Blaze
Cromed Out Mercedes
Custom Blackberry
Custom Blackberry  
Custom Genetics
Custom Ryan 
Custom Tristar
Dancin The Quicktep
Dark As A Pitch
Dc Ibea Dun It
Deltas Peppy Playboy
Dianas Little Peppy
Dirty Dancer
Doc Tinker Of Sun
Docs Shining Rose
Docs Tivito Hancock
Doctor In Diamonds
Doctor In Diamonds 
Dont Miss My Guns
Double R Chant
Dual Marquis Diamon
Dual Marquis Diamond
Dual Marquise Diamons 
Dual Quixote
Dual Starlight
Dualess Cd
Dualin For Me
Dun It Pine
Dun It Up In Smoke
Dun It Up In Smoke 
Dun It Up In Smoke   
Dun It With A Splash
Dun Subscriber
Dunit Returne
Eg Leanin Sylvester
Eg Southern Dancer
Einsteins Revolution
Electric Code
Electric Snow
Elegance Of Kid
Elvis Peppy Taco
Elvis Peppys Taco
Epic Titan
Er Jody Little Tari
Erc Color Me Kool
Especial Diamond
Fb Eyed Jac
Flashy Jacs Kid
Freelander Boss
Freelandre Boss
Frozen Enterprize
Frozen Sailor
Gfc Quixote Gun
Gfc Quixote Gun  
Gotta Nifty Gun
Great Heartacre
Great Sun Burst
Great Sun Burst 
Guidolin Group
Gunners Enterprise
Haidas Spur Pep
Hb Ladys Man
Hesa Mega Whiz
Hesa Mega Whiz 
Heza Gunner 
Heza Sure Whiz
Hf Mobster
Hickory Love Jess
Hollywood Gun Dunnit
Hollywood Three Sugs
Ill Color You Smart
Ill Colour You Smart
Im A Great Bee Jac
Im A Topsail Cody
In Like Flinn
Jac King Snake
Jetaway Jet Doc
Jk Charley De Moreno
Joe Black Super Lasan
Jr Magic Bar
Jr Sierra Olena
Justa Little Tangy
Kids Classy Sunday
King O’dream
King Tree Step
Kitas Spark
Krk Diamonds Ditto
Laete Night Stopping
Lakie For Sure Lm
Lasan Super Lou
Laser Vision
Lenas Starfish
Lg Master Bonnie
Lil Ruf Conquistador
Lil Smart Playboy
Liljoe Cash
Little Joe Cool
Little Sugar Speedy
Little Sugar Speedy  
Lmc Im A Topsail Dunnit
Ma Thunderstorm
Ma Tunderstorm
Madrox Reward
Magnum Chic Dream
Master Snapper
Maverick Top Whiz
Maximum Overang
Maximum Overhang  
Mb Diamond Sanbadger 
Mc Jac Flash
Mc Jac Flash  
Mcjac Flash
Mega Mag
Mega Powered
Meteles Cat
Mister Little Uno
Ml Dunit Great
Moskeeto Bam
Mr Colonel Smart
Mr Cool Dee Sea
Mr Okeo Leo Jac
Mr Olena Sun
Mr Pepto Fletch
Mr Snapple
Mr Tori Kid
Mrh Chisum
Mrh Cisum
Mucho Chex To Cash
Muy Bueno Starlight
My Good Gun
My Good Gun  
My Showbiz Whiz
My Showbiz Whiz 
Not Ruf At All
Nu Sailor Lena
Nu Spooky Chex
O’lenas Like Diamond
Okie Dun Badger
Okie Dun Badger 
Okie Dun It Too
Olf Cash Bar King  
One Classy Tribute
One Gun
Ot Taris Melody
Ot Taris Melody 
Ot Taris Melody  
Ot Taris San Peppy
Ot Taris San Peppy 
Ot Taris San Peppy  
Out West Whiz
Outlaw Hickory
Painted Peppy Star
Paintet Peppy Star 
Pale Face Dunit
Pars Little Playboy
Pats Gotta Gun
Peek A Boom
Pepito O Lena
Pepito O Lena  
Peppy San Jester
Peppy Secolo
Peppy Senor
Peppy Wils Tari Bar
Piccolo Spanish
Piccolo Spanish  
Planet Hollywood
Platinum Vintage
Playing It Out
Power Snap
Pride Gallito
Quarter Dream 
Que Peseta
Quick Fire Redskin
Quiet Whiz
Ravishing Time
Red Gate Badge
Red Sonny Rider
Ret Great N San
Ret N Dry
Reynin Jay
Ricochet Rooster
Ricochet Rooster 
Rinco impianti ippici 
Rio Good Wrangler
River In Flood
Robin Moon Bar Fe
Rooster Nic
Rooster Nic 
Roosters Jinglebob
Roosters Jinglebob 
Roosters Jinglebob  
Rs Great Jac Feona
Rs Great Jac Feona  
Rs Little Red Jaba
Rs Nebbiolo Blue
Rs Oregon N Jac
Rs Ramses Olena
Rum Olena
Sailin Ruf
Sailing Ruf
Sanita Whiz
Saturdaynight Custom
Scatman Quixote
Serafino Repetti
Shine Chic Shine
Shine On Line
Shiners Voodoo 
Shiners Voodoo Dr
Shining Dun Del Maso
Sir Jac Frost
Sj Enterprise
Skeets Dun
Skeets Flemin
Skipper Linx
Slide Me To The Bar
Smart Doc Olena
Smart Easy Deal
Smart Little Sultan
Smart Spook
Smart Sugar Chic
Smart Whiz Del Maso
Smartin Peppy Chex
Smiking Whiz
Snapper Peppy Jeep
Snip O Lution
Something Peppy
Spanish Snapper
Spanish Snapper  
Spark N Whiz
Sparkling Vintage
Spat A Blue
Spat A Blue  
Spat Olena
Spat Olena  
Spat Split And White
Spat Split And White  
Spirit Olena Leo Me
Spook A Little
Spook Gotta Whiz
Spooks Dox
Spooks Gotta Gun
Spooks Gotta Sting 
Star Spangled Whiz
Stargate Dancer
Starlight Elan
Start A Revolution 
Steadys Dude
Stormin Catalyst
Sugar Little Step
Sun Wimpys Willy
Sun Wimpys Willy 
Super Okie Diamonds
Surprise Enterprise
Tari Whizin
Taris Desiree
Tassas Aristocrat
Td In Three
Tenderly Snapper
The Brave Heart
The Cocket Gun
The Great Guntini
The Gunner King
The Little Fighter
Topsail Speckles
Travelin Jonezj
Trr Royal Sun Olena
Ub A Stayling Peppy
Undercover Spook 
Usuelli Saddlery
Ventunesimo Secolo
Walla Walla Wizh
Walla Whiz Crome
Weeling Cal Bar
What A Wave
Whiz Ruf Peppy
Whizzle N Smoke
Whizzle N Smoke 
Wimpy Step Surprise
Wimpy Step Surprise 
Wimpys Little Step
Wynnin Getsyathere
Yankee Gun
Young Old Lena
Zan In The Dark
Zan It In The Dark
Zan It In The Dark  
Zip Pretender
Zippy Dry Flash


A Baby Boomer
A Time To Sparkle
Achy Braky Me
Arc Alittle Suprised
Arc Freckles Bonanza
Arc Joy Surprise
Arc Latest Sophie Bh
Arc Lucky Wrangler
Arc Miss Marty Pants
Arc Think A Gunfire
Bb Pretty Pride
Bet Shesa Squall
Boggie Bar Linda
Bonita Bahia
Cd Tiny Dancer
Chex Out West
Chic Olena Shine
Cust Away
Da Nic Of Shasta
Dance Little Boom
Dance Little Spook
Db Olena Day
Docs Oak Rosy
Dun It For Shine
Dun It Preciously
Dunnit With Cash
Einsteins Delight
Footworks Best Step
Gfc Quixote Gun
Gh Megaket
Golden Alegria
Graystarlights Whiz
Gun Flashy Whiz
Gunna B Dee One
Gunna Be Majestic
Gunner Be Electric
Harry Little Quarry
Harrys Gun
Hollywood Lady Two
Hope And Surprise
I Am Cindy Rooster
Icy Call
Im Sexy Chexy
Jackie Cody Pine
Lenas Poco Dunit
Light Little Step
Like A Custom Crome
Lil Ruf N It
Lil Trouble Miss
Lil White Gun
Little Chick O Lena
Little Knox Solano
Max Chic Rm
Minnie Nic
Minnie Slide
Miss Clovis Bricciola
Miss Tori Snap
Miss Whiz Sparkles
Missin The Whiz
MM Lollipop
Mtk Cloerima
Mv Miss Electric Kid
Nikita Puro
Olena And Smoke
Olena Pride
Ot Lucky Highway Baby
Palyguns Chick
Pepperette Jack
Pidgeon Poo
Playguns Chick
Raise The Dealer
RH Vanilla Spooks
Rs Champagne Mc Jac
Rs Cheerry Miss Jac
RS Cosmopolitan Lena
Rs Countach Olena
RS Foxy Jacs
RS Hollywood Hglo
RS Linkwood Jac
Rs Lusitanias Chic
Rs Manhattan Jac
RS Red Moon O’lena
RS Shadow Olena
RS Shine On The Beach
Rs Spitfire Feonajac
Scarlet High Listo
Sheza Smoken Cd
Shine Like A Babe
Shine Like A Boom
Shot Gun Shea
Solnita Camilla
Starmax Rm
Surprise Bad Girl
Taris Poco
Topsail Tarissa
Tori Little Queen
Twin Peppy Quixote
Very Best Gun
Whiz N Star
Wimpys Top Step



Stallion’s and Mare’s complete card updated to date.

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Find any stallion and mare entrie published in the past issues of our Stallion and Mare Register and receive by e-mail its complete card, perfectly updated to date.